Thursday, April 24, 2008


annie: well, okay
I downloaded the kylie because something triggered a memory of the video
me: ha.
annie: someone linked to the whitest boy alive video, I think katie yuan
2:26 PM the third is a song I heard sampled a lot in dance clubs
but only recently found proper
fourth is an oldie I heard at lit the other night and downloaded
2:27 PM the fifth I downloaded because I liked that other song of barrington levy
sixth I already had, but heard recently, also at lit, and remembered how much I liked it
me: keep going!
[this is going to be my muxtape post today]
2:30 PM annie: was reading about etta james' heroin habit
is seven
now, erotic city was ipod shuffle
when I initially thought it was a ride the white horse remix
2:31 PM and then it was prince
guitar tone in lsfav reminded me of the fleet foxes song, which I knew that I was going to put in as a closer
2:32 PM just reminds me of clear summer days

annie: and is one of my 10 favorite tracks from illmatic
me: ...albums is illmatic
but stereolab?
2:34 PM annie: I don't know how that got in there
I think it might have popped up on shuffle a WHILE ago
but for some reason I definitely wanted it in conjunct w/ the last song
probably the summer thing again
2:35 PM and I already told you the story of the last song
which is that I heard them at sx, and then downloaded their songs, and then heard this on ipod shuffle and decided I liked it

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